New Year, New Pup!

The best way to put the challenging year of 2020 behind us is to celebrate what’s to come. We often look at the start of a new year as a new beginning and clean slate…a chance to finally implement those lifestyle changes we promised ourselves we would make the year before but never fully followed through on. For some, the new year may mean sticking to a regular exercise routine or healthier diet, for others, simply spending more quality time with friends and family (the Kradle team is a big fan of this one if it means more time with our dogs! ?). As you look ahead to all you hope to accomplish in 2021, don’t forget to help your furry friend get started off on the right foot, or rather, paw, too. It’s not only a fresh start for you, after all, it also is for your pup!

Try out our Melts to get your dog off to a calm start as quickly as possible! Kradle Melts offer an innovative delivery method with a single-dose strip that dissolves immediately in a dog’s mouth. With an extra boost of CBD, they are formulated to work quickly and are perfect for sudden stressful situations that pop up. Think events like thunderstorms, meeting new people, and grooming sessions.

@irresistiblecharlie relies on Kradle Melts to keep him calm when he comes across foxes, squirrels and cats in the streets of London — some of his biggest stress-triggers.

Don’t just take our word for how effective and easy-to-use the Melts are! Pet parent to celebrity dogs @oscarfrenchienyc and @irresistiblecharlie, Andre Falcao, has been giving Kradle products to his two pups for several months now and has found that the Melts have kept them both calm during abrupt situations that would otherwise be triggering. For Charlie especially, the Melts have been a game-changer. Charlie tends to get anxious when he comes across foxes, squirrels and cats in the streets of London, but, with the Melts as a convenient on-the-go solution, is able to remain calm and collected. Andre adds of the product, Melts are great to address quick triggers, like if we have to abruptly leave the home, or we have fly-by guests.” Read his full Kradle story here!

Kradle is here to bring a sense of calm into yours and your dog’s life after a hectic year, and, ultimately, help you make the most of each and every day together in 2021 and beyond. You can feel confident that you have a solution for every stressful situation your dog may encounter this new year with the three Kradle options — Chews, Toppers and Melts. Click here to start shopping.

We wish you and your furry friend a year filled with peace and happiness! ❤️

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