Looking to purchase CBD?

CBD, and especially CBD vape, have been well-known in recent years. Many users now speak openly about how CBD has helped their well being. CBD isn’t considered a “alternative lifestyle product” and has gained widespread acceptance from wellness experts as well as social media influencers who are praising its qualities. There is a growing market for CBD liquids that can be vaporized. However, the current products are varied in quality.

We created a CBD product of outstanding quality by listening to our customers. Otium CBD vapeliquid sets the standard in CBD for vaping liquids. It is manufactured by a trusted UK manufacturer.

  • It is made from the highest purity CBD isolate ingredient
  • Exclusively made for use in ecigarettes and vape pens


Cannabidiol (CBD), one of the naturally occurring marijuana cannabinoids, is found in the cannabis plants ( strains & varieties). It is closely related the psychoactive 9 Tetrahydrocannabinol [THC], the compound responsible for the “high” associated cannabis. CBD, unlike THC, does not cause a high and has attracted significant media attention. There are many reported benefits including anxiety relief, pain management, sleep management. Skin condition treatment. Neuroprotective properties. At this stage, medical research has not yet produced any evidence that clinical efficacy exists.

Hemp oil can be extracted from the Cannabis Hemp (high CBD/low HHC natural content), and is available commercially as an oral drop, skin cream, or spray. These products are often made with “full range” CBD oil. It includes CBD as well many other cannabinoids. The extraction of pure CBD from the hemp plant is more complicated and expensive. This is an important requirement to produce high-quality CBD liquids that are suitable for vaping or e-cigarettes.


CBD-containing products have enjoyed a boom in popularity among consumers. CBD users love to share their experiences. In recent years, research has intensified in CBD. There is currently limited evidence that CBD might be effective in the treatment of many health-related issues. CBD induces markedly distinct physiological effects when compared to THC (the most well-known ingredient of cannabis). This difference in mechanism is responsible for CBD’s “non-psychoactive” properties. A growing number of studies on the endocannabinoid mechanism and its regulatory roles in health and disease has resulted in significant growth in the number.

CBD vape liquid

There are already many CBD “eliquids” that are available. They are divided into three groups depending on how CBD was introduced to the product: CBD isolate or full spectrum CBD.

Whole Plant CBD e-liquid

Whole plant CBD liquid uses hemp oil/paste. This contains CBD as well other cannabinoids that are found in the hemp plants, such as low levels THC. Note: The legal THC content for hemp oil/paste must be below 0.05% in order to be sold in the UK. The majority of the ingredients in hemp oil/paste include plant-based compounds such as flavonoids, terpenes (plant-based terpenes), lipids, oils, and waxes. It has a distinctive, but unpalatable, taste.

Full Spectrum eliquid

Full spectrum eliquid contains CBD and a broad array of cannabinoids. This includes low levels THC and plant-based flavonoids. However, the hemp oil is extracted from the hemp seeds. This removes any wax, lipid or oil constituents. Full Spectrum CBD oil e-liquid has a distinctive flavor due to the addition of many plant substances.

CBD isolate e-liquid

CBD isolate eliquid contains only high-quality CBD. CBD isolate is white, crystallized powder. A multi-step purification process is used to remove any other cannabinoids or terpenes. Noting that CBD isolate quality can vary from one supplier to another, the highest purity CBD isolates will attract a premium price.


There are many blogs and articles that discuss the added benefits of CBD full spectrum e-liquid as compared to CBD isolate. The articles discuss the purported beneficial “entourage” effect of CBD using with other cannabinoids/plant-based substances. These articles fail to assess whether or not these plant-based substances could be inhaled via an electronic cigarette. We are a leader in the industry and produce high quality CBD liquid products. Whole plant hemp extract has been disqualified from the formulation of CBD liquid. Otium CBD liquid contains only pure CBD, which has been obtained from a trusted supplier.

CBD vape liquid is legal?

Yes, CBD liquid production and supply are legal in the UK.

The CBD vape-liquid unit bottles must not contain more Than 1 mg of THC, in compliance with The Misuse of Drugs Regulations 2000 and Home Office guidance.

Otium CBD vape liquid packaging does not include the nicotine warnings which we are used post-2016. Since the product doesn’t contain nicotine, it falls outside the purview of TRPR. The General Product Safety Regulations, 2005 (GPSR), regulate the manufacturing and supply of CBD liquid products. GPSR says that even if there are not specific safety provisions, the general safety requirement must still be considered against other standards (compulsory as well as voluntary) created in the United Kingdom. Otium CBD Vape Liquid is fully compliant both with the TRPR requirements and also BSIPAS 54115.2015.

Otium CBD vape fluid packaging also contains additional information. These include the phrase ” Food supplements product containing Cannabidiol“. This is because CBD vape fluid products are classified as food under general foods law. Food Information Regulations (2014) and Food Supplement Regulations (2004) govern the labelling requirements for CBD-infused vape liquid.


We are not able to recommend which strength CBD liquid should you buy as each person is different.

Otium CBD vape oil users should try the 100mg (10mg/ml), version. As you get more experience, you’ll be able to determine the best daily CBD dose. You can also increase your strength by increasing it.

This article will help you determine the strength of CBD vape oil to be able to estimate CBD dosage. 1 ml CBD vape gel 100mg (low strength) contains 10 mg. 300mg CBD vape Liquid contains 30 mg. 600mg has 60 mg. 80 mg is the ultra-strength (mg).

80 mg/ml is our highest-quality CBD extract. We have doubts that vape liquids with higher claims on the label are true.