When a state legalizes recreational cannabis usage, individuals tend to cease obtaining mmj cards. Cannabis users who do not get an mmj card, on the other hand, lose out on a slew of perks like reduced prices, the possibility to buy larger amounts, various age restrictions, and greater legal protection. The distinctions between medicinal and recreational marijuana continue to be substantial! Continue reading to learn about how to apply for medical marijuana card online and the advantages of obtaining a medical card.

1. Reduced costs

Having a medical marijuana card saves you money all year and provides you with cheaper pricing than people who purchase it from recreational retail establishments. Marijuana taxes increased significantly once it was allowed for recreational use in additional states. If you buy cannabis on a regular basis, you will wind up spending more money in the long term if you do not have a med card.

2. Increased possession and purchase limits, as well as the ability to grow more marijuana

There are rigorous limitations on the amount of cannabis that recreational consumers may buy, although medicinal marijuana cardholders can buy more. Medicinal patients may acquire up to 8 ounces per day, while recreational users can only purchase 1 ounce per day. You may carry home more cannabis from the dispensary if you have a medical marijuana card than if you are shopping recreationally.

3. Reduced age restrictions

Most states limit recreational cannabis usage to people above the age of 21. Cannabis possession and usage remain illegal for anyone under the age of 21. However, there are younger people who need medicinal marijuana to treat diseases such as epilepsy and cancer. Most medicinal cannabis programmes accept patients aged 18 and under as long as they complete all conditions.

4. Availability of medical-only cannabis dispensaries

You may shop at medical dispensaries if you have an mmj card. Even in jurisdictions where recreational cannabis usage is allowed, there are exclusive medical shops that are exclusively accessible to people who have a medical marijuana card. Medical users have access to a broad range of products, strains, and expert assistance.

Cannabis extracts are definitely not in short supply. It seems hard to keep track of all of them, their applications, potencies, and advantages. As a result, those who have a medical marijuana card have access to medical physicians and cannabis coaches who can advise them on what to take for whatever illness they have.

5. More potent than recreational

Medical marijuana users may also get cannabis with greater potency levels than marijuana supplied for recreational reasons. Many retail establishments selling cannabis for recreational reasons will always adhere to state-mandated strength limitations. Some medical patients may need greater concentrations of THC or cbd to alleviate their symptoms.

6. Increased legal protection

Some states that have legalized medicinal marijuana have unique legislation in place to safeguard those who have medical marijuana cards. In us, proposition 215 exempts patients and caregivers who possess or produce marijuana for medical treatment advised by a physician from criminal statutes that otherwise ban marijuana possession or production.

7. It’s easier to travel out of state

With your out-of-state mmj card, you may possess and/or buy medicinal cannabis in states that reciprocate with your home state. If you are traveling and need access, or if you are traveling out of state to visit a specialist, reciprocity may enable you to utilize your medical card in another state.