These Are Five Compelling Reasons To Apply For Medical Marijuana Card

California became the first state to allow medical marijuana use in 1996. The state has legalized recreational marijuana use as of 2018. Anyone who is legally allowed to be can purchase marijuana at dispensaries. This includes visitors and locals.

Many cannabis users are often unsure if it is necessary to apply for or renew their Medical Marijuana Texas card. Although marijuana can now be used for recreational purposes in Texas, there are many reasons that you should still apply for a medical marijuana card. These are just five reasons.

1. Reduce Your Total Tax Burden By Paying Less State And Local Taxes

You might save hundreds of dollars by being a patient who uses cannabis for medical purposes. The 15% excise levied on recreational marijuana use is in addition to the additional sales taxes. This increases municipal and state taxes. You don’t have to pay taxes if you can purchase marijuana for medical purposes. This can lead to savings of up to 25%. These savings can be combined over time to allow you to buy more of your favorite strain at a lower price.

2. Increased Access To Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

The process of granting licenses to marijuana businesses serving recreational customers has been slow. According to the research, there are currently 358 licensed recreational marijuana sellers operating in the Texas. This is almost four times the number of medical marijuana dispensaries. You may have to limit your choices as most online cannabis businesses and delivery services require that you obtain a medical marijuana card to purchase their products.

3. Reduced Minimum Age Requirement

To purchase legal marijuana from a licensed dispensary, anyone who uses marijuana for recreational purposes must have attained 21 years of age. Texas law requires that applicants be at least 18 to qualify for a medical cannabis card. A medical marijuana card is available to anyone between 18 and 21 years old. This will allow you to buy cannabinoid-based products that will lessen your discomfort.

4. Additional Legal Protection For Those Who Carry

Texas new recreational laws allow you to only carry one ounce of marijuana. You can only grow six mature plants and 12 immature cannabis plants in your area at any one time. You can bring up to 8 ounces of marijuana with you if you have a medical cannabis card. A medical marijuana card can give you security and peace of head when you’re out and about with marijuana in your hand.

5. You Can Choose From Strains That Are Both Cleaner And More Powerful

Due to the strict rules regarding medical marijuana use, almost all shops require medical marijuana strains to be subjected to a rigorous testing and verification process. This is in addition the case for marijuana that’s sold for recreational purposes. There is a wide range of products available, with each product varying in its THC/CBD ratio and overall potency. You can purchase marijuana strains that have a higher potency than the ones available for recreational use if you have a medical cannabis card.

Although it is legal to purchase marijuana for recreational purposes in Texas, you should not get rid of your medical marijuana card. It is now legal to purchase marijuana for recreational purposes under the state’s cannabis legislation. A recommendation from a doctor may take you as little as 15 minutes to consent. You will be able to access higher-quality marijuana strains as your financial situation improves. For more information about cannabis products, and to learn which strains can be used to treat your medical conditions, get in touch with Teleleaf.